Belgium privacy law: greater enforcement

Do you know that it is forbidden to collect e.g. the birthdate of your clients if this is not relevant, necessary for the indicated purpose?

For example : shopkeepers may ask customers for their name and address to send them invoices or to inform them about his commercial activities. They have no reason, however, to ask them for their date of birth or profession.

Privacy is a hot and complex topic and will become more and more regulated.

The Belgian Secretary of State for Privacy protection Bart Tommelein is currently  – see De Tiijd,  June 8th, 2015 Tommelein wil Privacycommissie tanden geven –  preparing a draft law to give the Privacy Commission the right to impose administrative fines in case of breach of the privacy law.

Bart Tommelein is of the opinion that similar amount of the sanctions to the ones that will be allowed as from next year  in The Netherlands – i.e  fines up to 810.000 euro – should be applied in Belgium.

It is however not always easy to deal with the rules. Companies collecting personal data for commercial use are sometimes not even aware they infringe the law nor the potential sanctions in case of breach of the rules.

In the view of the recent news, it is important to follow theses topics and comply with the rules:

  •  Have a look at this note (for the Dutch version check here) of the Privacy Commission – in particular section starting on page 9 – to have a summary of the rules regarding collection and use of personal data.
  • You can also download our eBook where  Mr. Deschamps, a lawyer, clarifies seven issues – based on the questions Qualifio is most commonly asked regarding the legality of the games, contests and campaigns:


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