How to a create a great prediction campaign in Qualifio

The Euro 2016 is also inspiring us 🙂 We just released two new features: you can now display your questions on 2 columns and we have new filters in the reporting. Those two elements give you the opportunity to create prediction campaigns with open questions. In other words, predictions where participants need to manually insert the number of goals each team will score!

  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • How meany people will give their prediction from the 24.05 to 13.06 ?

Here’s how to do it, step by step:

1- Create your prediction campaign

Prediction type of campaign

2- Create your questions

  • For each game, create one question per team (example : for the game Belgium-Italy : first question = Belgium / second question = Italy)
  • The question’s type should be Numeric Field.
  • Use the flag of the country as illustration. Width of the image will be automatically resized at 100px.
  • If needed, you can add a tie-breaker question at the end

3- Display all questions on the same page

Once you have created your questions, stay in the ‘Questions’ step and navigate to the options. Click on ‘Other options’ and tick the box ‘Display all questions on the same page’. A dropdown menu will appear; choose an alignment on 2 columns.


3- Select an identification form

Put it before or after the questions.

4- Go viral

In the exit screen and in the Facebook share (‘Virality’ step), you can use variables {q1.response}, {q2.response} etc. These variables will be filled in with the answers of your participants. They will directly share a personalized message with the score they predicted! Discover more about variables.

For example, the copy of your Facebook Share could be “I just did my predictions for the Euro 2016 : Belgium-Italy {q1.response} – {q2.response}, Belgium-Eire {q3.response} – {q4.response} and Sweden-Belgium {q5.response} – {q6.response}.. Make yours!

share facebook

5- Define your winners


Once the competition is over, use the new filters in the statistics of your campaign. Those filters allow you to filter based on your participants answers: show me participant’s who gave the right score for the question Belgium AND for the question Italy.
Design Tip: If you want to add a “VS” sign between the questions, it’s not that complicated. Paste the CSS code below in the CSS tab of the look and feel. It will automatically take the background color and the text color of the buttons:

.column2:nth-of-type(2n+2):before {
content: 'VS';

You know where you can contact us if you have any question, enjoy the EURO!


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