5 types of campaign you haven’t thought of

1. Sudden death

The principle is the same as for a quiz: the participants answer questions, but as soon as they get one wrong, the game is over. This type of competition offers a real challenge for participants and can be very easily used to showcase your products or content. Have you read our article? Do you know our new telephone number? Are you a big fan of this series?


  • Allow participants to play again, but only if they share the quiz and their score on Facebook: it’s sure to go viral!
  • Make it even more difficult with a timer.
  • Ask random questions, and make it possible to play again every day/hour in order to get participants to come back.

2. Video quiz

Show a video on your competition homepage and then ask participants to answer a series of questions about its content in a limited amount of time.

Technically speaking:

  • Create a quiz with a timer for each question
  • Add your video to the homepage and tell participants that the questions will be about it.
  • This will help generate views for your online videos and make your quiz more exciting.


  • If you want to generate even more views:
  • Get rid of the timer for each question and provide a link to the video clue for each question.

Moneyou's video quiz

3. Find it on our website

Ask users to find something on your website in a certain amount of time. To participate, the player must click on the clue to make the answers appear. Ask the player to find an item on the site and then come back and select it in your game within the allotted time. It could be a product characteristic, the name of an item, or the colour of some object… it all depends on the focus of your campaign!

Technically speaking:

  • Create a quiz with one question accompanied by a mandatory clue and a timer.
  • Place the entry form before the question to avoid cheaters. Otherwise the risk is that participants don’t fill the form, check the clues again, enter the contest a second time and fill the form only at that time.


  • Enter several questions in Qualifio.
  • Select just one at random to display.

In this way, participants who miss an answer can play again without it being too easy.

4. Puzzle

Present a question by using a picture clue as its subject.

For example: display a picture with one thing missing, and then propose 3 images that could be inserted in the empty space. Participants have to find the right image in order to score a point.

Technically speaking:

  • It’s a quiz with a picture clue.
  • Create answers for each clickable image.

Pluses: Using an image as the central point of the question is very visual . For example, display a maze or a chequered image, in which the participant has to find something and enter its coordinates.

Europ Assistance's puzzle quiz

5. “Who is it?” / “How do you spell it?”

As part of a quiz, present a photo with each question. Participants then have to type in the name of the person or object shown in the picture. They earn a point if their spelling is close enough to the correct answer, depending on the percentage match you’ve selected.

Technically speaking:

  • You create a quiz with a picture clue and select the answer type “input zone with text comparison”
  • Then specify the word to be found as well as a minimum percentage match to earn the point.

This can easily be applied to real people, fictional characters or products.

Plus : You can propose whole sentences to find, which extends the use of this type of question to quotes, lyrics and slogans. In this case, make sure you choose quite a low percentage match or the game can become too complicated.


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