Optimise your quizzes based on open questions

The ‘text matching’ functionality

This feature -now available on Qualifio platform- offers the possibility to get an answer given in an open field and to compare it with a given string (the right answer). The campaign’s creator defines also a tolerated margin of error. In practice ?

A media user case: De Volkskrant yearly spelling bee contest

For the twenty-fifth consecutive year, the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant holds a spelling bee competition (“Het Groot Dictee”). This year the action was created through Qualifio using the ‘text matching’ functionality for some spelling questions. In this case, the creator of the campaign has defined a correlation level of 100% meaning that points are attributed only to the answers matching perfectly the ‘right’ answer(s)  i.e the one(s) predefined in the system by De Volkskrant.

Quizzes based on open questions

The new feature opens up a new dimension to your quizzes: you can attribute points to answers given to open questions (memo style) offering opportunities to create new creative campaigns! If it’s the perfect feature for spelling bee competitions you could use it for any type of quizzes based on open question such as cultural chrono quizzes, language tests…


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