Olympics: use gamification to connect with fans


For the second time, the Japanese capital will be hosting the Olympic games. The Tokyo 2020 Games will officially start with the opening ceremony on July 24th. They are expected to attract 920,000 foreigners to Japan and more than 11,000 athletes from over 200 nations.

The Olympics are one of the most popular and watched sporting events in the world. As with any big event, brands and media will be looking to capitalise on the conversation. This article contains 16 live campaign examples created by our wonderful Studio team from which you can get inspired to connect with fans on every digital channel for the 2020 Olympics.

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Create impactful digital experiences that drive results

Whether you actively participate in it or you’re just a spectator, sport represents a significant role in our lives and has become a real business for brands and media. How to stand out among the competition this year for the 2020 Olympics? By creating impactful digital experiences for your audiences. Here are some reasons why you need to take advantage of interactive marketing for the 2020 Olympics:

  • Collect first-party data and preference insights to personalise your marketing;
  • Engage your audience in an original way;
  • Boost excitement around the Olympics;
  • Build long-term relationships with digital fans;
  • Collect newsletter opt-ins;
  • Monetise your audience.

16 interactive experiences to leverage from the Olympics

As you may be aware of, five new sports have been added to the 2020 Olympics: baseball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. Emblematic sports, new sports, or Japanese culture, our fantastic Studio team has thought about several inspiring digital marketing campaigns that you can easily and quickly launch on all your channels. Get inspired now!



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