[New] Our puzzle format is here!


The puzzle format is now available in your Qualifio account!

Set up an interactive puzzle with your own image in minutes and challenge your audience to solve it. This format is a super-fun, addictive, brain-teasing game consisting of moving pieces to the correct position in order to assemble the picture. A throwback to classic sliding puzzles, with a touch of the modern era!

Try our puzzles now:

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3 simple steps

  • Use any image URL from the web or upload your own
  • The puzzle is generated automatically
  • Users then simply click on the tiles that they want to move

How to create a puzzle step by step

Main advantages

  • Puzzle made from your chosen image: the ideal way to showcase your new product(s) or highlight your sponsors
  • Generate high volumes of participation and leads
  • An original and fun campaign created in a 5 minutes
  • Increase addiction by adding a time limit
  • Highly engaging game

What is Qualifio?

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