New features

New type of question : Photo Editor

photo-editor-01 (1)

This new feature brings new opportunities to our photo contests and galleries. Thanks to the Photo Editor, participants will be able to edit their pictures by adding a frame, a logo or any other item that you will include (moustache, glasses, santa claus’s hat,…) A funny and effective way to go viral for your brand (or your partners) thanks to social shares of the pictures.


Have a quick look at our demo campaign
How to use this new feature?

Mass import answers from a csv or a copy/paste

You can now import a list of answers for a closed question, from a CSV or a simple copy past. A very useful features for questions with many answers such as lists of countries, states, schools,…

How to use this new feature?

Email validation of participations


The email validation allows you to record the participation only once the participants have clicked on a link sent by email (double optin). You can now edit this mail as well as the confirmation page. You can also send this mail to another address than the one that is used to enter the campaign. For example, an email send to parents to validate the participation of their children, etc.

How to use this new feature?

Center your forms and questions

An expected small design improvement that allows you to center your forms and your questions directly from the look and feel step in the manager.

Qualifio Manager(8)form-centre

Other improvements and bug fixes include :

  • Interns & editors won’t be able to edit forms and switch campaigns to On/Off anymore.
  • Several UI & UX improvements within the manager.

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