New features: Battle campaign type and tacit opt-ins

Battle campaign format

Two new features are now available on Qualifio: the “Battle” campaign type & the tacit opt-in feature.

New type of campaign: the battle

In a battle, the user needs to pick between two or more options (rendered as either images or buttons). Battles might include famous people, perfumes, movie posters, etc. Need some examples?

  • Superheroes, Pokemon, video games of the ‘80’s…
  • Desserts, toys, Barbie dolls, bracelets…
  • Looks, clothes, dresses, shoes, caps…
  • Cars, bikes, athletes, sports…
  • Beaches, ski resorts, towns…

… depending on the interests of the target audience and the content to be pushed! Entries can be displayed either randomly or in a predefined order. Each one is shown only once per game. At the end of the game, entries are ranked according to how many battles they have won so far. The battle format is particularly useful to promote interactions while supporting editorial objectives. This type of game increases the time spent by a user on a website, the number of page views, the number of ads displayed when a page gets refreshed, etc.

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New feature: The tacit opt-in

It is now possible to activate a tacit opt-in on any Qualifio campaign.

What is a tacit opt-in? It’s an opt-in suggested by default to the user.

In practice? An editable text field informs the user that if they click on the “Participate” button, it will also validate subscription to – a newsletter, for example. However, it’s legally required to let users participate even if they don’t want to subscribe to anything. A “Participate without subscribing (e.g to the newsletter)” link is therefore displayed under the “Participate” button (or equivalent) when the tacit opt-in feature is activated. This text is editable in the back-office. The tacit opt-in feature can be activated at the “Welcome” or “Form” stage.

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