New features: memory games & scheduling of questions

We are happy to announce the availability of two new features in your Qualifio Manager:

New campaign type: memory

Memory is the first delivery of a new campaign type called “animated games” which are particularly well suited for mobile environments.

In the Manager, you select memory as the type of campaign. You create your memory game just like any other Qualifio campaign. It can be anonymous or identified. Participants must find all pairs in the less possible number of clics and time. You can customise the number of cards, the look & feel of the cards, etc. The score is based on (1) the number of clics necessary to find all pairs (2) the time.

Memory works great on mobile phones!

Schedule the publication of your questions

If you want to schedule the publication of your questions, it is now possible in Qualifio, as a new tab of the question:

Schedule your questions

So with this new feature, you can for example automatically publish a set of questions on Monday, another one on Tuesday, etc.


What is Qualifio?

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