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What are the advantages of configuring different websites in Qualifio?

      • Control of users’ rights and access: each Qualifio account user profile is linked to a single or multiple sites. Depending on these rights, these users will be able to publish on certain sites and pages, but not on others. They only have access to what they are involved in.
      • Domain/subdomain names: it is advisable to link each of your Qualifio sites to a domain name or subdomain name you own, such as,, etc. Your iframes and mini-sites will then be directly linked to your own URLs.
      • Management of mini-sites: each website has its own environment allowing you to configure and select a header-footer environment (also called an ‘arch’ or ‘wrapper’), which will be used for all mini-site publications on the site in question.
      • Tags : each of your sites should be linked to your Google Analytics tags, audience tags (CIM, Xiti, etc.) and Adserver tags. This way you can be sure that every campaign linked with this site contains the right tag, whichever user creates it, ensuring optimised reporting and analysis.
      • Additional settings: through the websites management module, you can also configure a whole series of default messages (Single Sign-On connection message, Facebook Connect message, message above or below identification forms, etc.), together with default rules.

How to manage my websites?

How to use my own domain in Qualifio?

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