Summer 2014: 3 new features in the Qualifio Manager


We have three new features in the Qualifio Manager. Check them out!

Updated instant wins

A new version of the instant win format is available and it will make your life easier! You can now manage different prizes and define when they will be granted during the campaign.

Just like you did before, you can create your new campaign and start with your publication channels. Don’t forget that adding a prize to your campaign is mandatory for an instant win. In the Settings, you now have a new option called ‘prizes planification‘ where you’ll define your instant win timetable, in other words: when YOU want people to win (prizes can be granted randomly or not). Based on a calendar view, it allows you to plan everything randomly and still changed it manually afterwards.

Read the instant win quick start guide

Quiz with cumulative points

You want people to come 5 days in a row to your website? Not a problem, launch a contest from Monday to Friday. Create a quiz with cumulative points! Participants won’t win on a single participation, but will have to come back every day to your website and answer a new set of questions. On Friday the highest cumulative score wins!

Read the quiz with cumulative points quick start guide

Campaign duplication

The copy paste process to duplicate a campaign in Qualifio was a bit cumbersome. We heard it, and changed it! You have now access to 2 options when duplicating a campaign, you can either

  • Duplicate every aspect of a campaign: a new campaign will be created including publication channels, templates (layout), content, social media configuration, partners and prizes, rules, contact information, etc. In one word: everything, except for the statistics of course.
  • Only duplicate the campaign’s content: the specific content of the campaign will be duplicated, but not the publication channels nor the layout.

What is Qualifio?

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