Introducing the new image uploader!

At Qualifio, we’re always looking for ways to make things more efficient. Today we are launching a new and improved photo uploader to take care of all your illustration needs.

Choose between drag and drop, browse mode, or upload your image from a URL. The New Uploader supports several image types (JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG). Significantly, it also works on mobile and tablet devices.

A smarter upload experience

We’ve completely reimagined the uploader in the Qualifio Manager. It is designed to be simpler and quicker. There are a few notable new options worth pointing out, but rather than do it in text, we’ll let you discover this shiny new module below:

How to upload an image with the New Uploader | Qualifio

How to upload an image with the New Uploader

Using the New Uploader couldn’t be more easy. Launch it from anywhere in the Qualifio Manager, and you can then upload your image in a variety of ways:

  • Click over “Browse” and, well, browse for the image your wish to upload on your local machine;
  • Simply drag and drop your new image right into the uploader; or
  • Paste a URL into the bar provided and click over “Validate”.

Either way, your upload will begin instantly. Afterward a new screen will appear to allow you to edit your image with different sets of options: you’ll be able to reposition, zoom, rotate, crop your image, and more right through the edit screen.

Once you’re happy with the result, don’t forget to click over “Submit.” By following this process, you can create an infinite variety of visuals for your campaigns!

Try adding new images to your campaigns

Pssst… This uploader just includes the functionality to upload an image. To upload videos, other files, or bulk-upload images, we will keep relying on the ‘old’ modules for a while 🙂 if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out!




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