Interactive content is king!

Content creation is now a must-have in any digital marketing strategy, whether it’s B2C or B2B. The digital evolution can explain this phenomenon: the information ubiquity (multiple channels of distribution) and the traditional advertising fatigue. Content strategies, blogs, ‘content marketers’, white papers and other ‘copywriters’ are now terms used on a daily basis by companies that communicate ‘online’.

Why do B2B and B2C businesses create ‘content’?

  • Most of the websites have static content, content creation is the perfect strategy to make it more dynamic.
  • Content is the basis of any SEO strategy.
  • To share viewpoints and case studies, thus, it is also an effective way to impose itself as an expert in a field.
  • Content creation is all about “Conversation Marketing”. The goal is to create interactions.

We’re all creating content, how to stand out?

It has become very difficult to stand out in today’s world, even with very high-quality content. We are currently engaged in an endless content war, the best example being the ‘Product Reviews’ for smartphones, TVs etc. Moreover, creating high-quality content is simply not enough. It needs to be seen, shared and cleverly utilized in order to reach its target audience.

Interactive content, a solution?

Videos and images, that are more visual and dynamic formats have naturally found their way into this need for innovation. Social media is all about dialogue and interactions, and those are basically the new golden rules of digital marketing. The content that we create on our blogs can also help engage with these new rules, along with interactivity, customer experience, and open dialogue. This is what we call interactive content.

In other words, you need to surprise your audiences with original, honest and interactive formats, along with finding the right balance between commercial and editorial content. An Internet user who conducts a search on Google has a problem and wants to find a solution.

  • Located to the side of the brand there are two solutions that respond to this search :

Concretely, what is interactive content?

Interactive or dynamic content is, above all, any content that leads to customer engagement and commitment.

Specifically, interactive content includes quizzes, surveys, infographics and even interactive or animated white papers. Do your readers have the time to read 50 lines? Don’t they prefer to click on photos, give their advice, answer questions and learn some other way? In addition, these tools can provide customized content by revealing, for example, different content based on a response to a question. Interactive content simply brings a playful dimension to the information.

Let’s return to our example of the Internet user who has trouble with shaving… why not offer them a personality test: “Which product is right for you?” just below your blog article? This social interaction, in addition to its viral potential, can also generate email addresses, on a non-mandatory basis, in exchange for a store discount voucher that the customer can happily put to good use in stores.


What is Qualifio?

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