Instagram Business profiles are coming


Instagram just released the Instagram Business Tools to all markets. In a few weeks, you will also be available to transform your classical Instagram account in a business profile.

What does it change?

1. Profiles

The business profile is a free feature of Instagram. Just as the Facebook pages, this feature is aimed at the accounts who want to be seen as professional. The main difference is that you can set up a contact call to action to contact the business and information about the localization of the business.


2. Analytics (…finally!)

Until now, data & analytics concerning Instagram audiences were difficult to get. The Instagram Business tools will give you more data concerning your followers and what are the content that resonates the best with them. And no need to go on your desktop to get this information, it’s directly available from the app.

instagram analytics

3. Boost posts

Last new feature, it will be possible to boost post directly from the app. A feature that looks like the Boost post feature from Facebook. Very easy to use, you just have to pick up your best posts and turn them into great ads. The boost includes a call to action to it and you can, of course, define your audience.

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