Fresh ideas for your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns

Mother's Day ideas

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away, so you are probably busy planning your upcoming marketing campaigns… or you haven’t started yet? Fear not! Interactive content is a great way to engage with your audience: people love to be entertained with contests, quizzes and games. It is simple yet creative, and it gives your customers a reason to pay attention. We’ve assembled ideas for you to make the most of this marketing opportunity. Check them out!

Video contest: The cutest child craft

Organize a video contest and ask your audience to share a video of their children and their craft. This type of campaign allows you to place focus on the children expressing their love and gratitude on this special day by voting for the cutest of them all!

Vide contest: The cutest child craft

Memory: My mom is a rock star

Challenge your audience by asking them to match celebs with their famous mothers!


Photo contest: It runs in the family

Invite your fans to upload a photo with their mother or daughter. Then let them vote for the most stylish mother/daughter couple.

Photo contest

Instant win: Last minute

Most consumers purchase their gifts at the last minute, so why not help them out? Get consumers to participate in your instant win campaign by importing or generating a unique codes list in the exit screen (basically using coupon codes as rewards). Make them order their gift on your website by offering them free express delivery!

Unique codes

Quizz: Mother’s Day around the world

Everybody celebrates mothers once a year but why? What’s the history behind it and how is this special day celebrated in various cultures throughout the world? Let’s play a culture quizz!

Tip: Use a mandatory tip if you need to increase the number of views on one of your videos!


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