Football is back!

The end of July means that the football news are back: new teams, new players, the national leagues starting… Without any World or European Cup this summer, millions of football fans are waiting for their national championship to start.

Football is an opportunity for many brands and media companies to generate conversations, create traffic, and engage their online audiences. Next to polls (best player of the match, champion of the season, etc.), personality tests (“Which football player are you?”) or quizzes (“Are you ready for the new season?”), another format available on Qualifio is most of the time associated with sports: Predictions.

How to create a “Prediction” campaign?

Select this format in Qualifio and prepare your questions. The only difference with a classical quizz is that you don’t know the answers, so just don’t select any answer. In this format, it is best to choose closed questions like: win – draw – loss

Example: “Who’s gonna win the match: Chelsea or Manchester United?
Answer 1: Chelsea; Answer 2: Draw; Answer 3: Manchester United.

The players will have to select their answers. Once the match is done, come back in the manager and select the right answer.

Warning: If you want the Global stats module to recalculate the entire sessions and give points to the right answer, you will have to play once in Preview mode.

How to select the winner?

As usual: the stats will be updated and you will be able to pick up your winner according to the rules you’ve established.

It’s not just about football…

Of course, it is also possible to use this format for other sports but also for other kind of events. The famous Palme D’Or, the president election in Turkey, the Greek referendum, etc.
To conclude, the prediction format allows to anticipate an event in a different way than a simple poll and to select the winners after the contest.

To go further

Let’s start with an example… Manchester United has 12 matches in October and you want to collect all the “prediction” points for the 12 matches during the month to congratulate and identify the best analyst in your community. It is possible. To create this campaign you juste have to choose a quizz with cumulative points instead of a prediction.

1. Create a quiz campaign with cumulative points. It will allows you to run this campaign during the entire season. On the user side, it allows him to collect the points he will collect during the season thanks to the Facebook Connect or the identification form.

2. Write you questions and schedule those ones with the help of the Schedule tab in the question section.

3. With a cumulative points campaign, the identification of the player is very important and the form always appears before the question! In order to avoid any misspelling in the first & last name or the email address, use your Single Sign-On or the Facebook Connect!

4. Thanks to this identification, if a player comes back to the campaign before a new question has been launched, the “after the campaign” screen will be displayed.

5. We recommend you to display a ranking, it will allows the players to check their results compared to the others.

6. Take some time to work on your exit screen. Tell your players that new questions will be automatically available every weeks for the match of the weekend. Tell them to come back to your Facebook page or website to collect more points every weeks.


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