New features available: new personality test, smart URLs, etc.

New features

This is an important post announcing new functionalities available in Qualifio Manager.

 Relooking of personality tests :

The look and feel of the results screen has been improved for personality tests : it looks better and is more user-friendly. You can also illustrate the different profiles with an image. But also add an video tag in order to make it more interactive. Participants are always able to share their profile on their Facebook page.

This new feature only applies for NEW campaigns. Running campaigns are not impacted except if they are modified : in cas of modification of an existing campaign, the new features for the results screen (exit screen) will apply.

 Smart URLs to publish on Facebook mobile :

Facebook applications are not visible on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Qualfiio has developed a workaround for that problem :  a smart URL.   Thanks to this smart URL that you publish on your Facebook newsfeed, participants can now have access to any Facebook contests on their mobile environments. You can find all the needed information in this pdf document :

Explanation of the answer : now also in a fancy box :

For quizzes, the explanation of a correct answer can now appear in two different ways : or together with the next question (above), or in a fancy box. This allows you to add an image or a video to your justification.


 Order of the templates :

You can now drag and drop to order your default templates in the Manager, via the Templates menu icon. It will modify their appearance order in the Look & Feel tab of your campaign.


Just a quick reminder for these new features that we launched a couple of weeks ago.

 Facebook coregistrations :

In any Qualifio campaign published on the web or Facebook, on the coregistration screen, you can now suggest participants to become fans of any Facebook page: your own pages, pages of partners, pages of advertisers, etc.

You can personalize the message by using identity variables (like lastname or firstname).

In addition, thanks to our new Info Box, participants can also open a pop-up and read more information about the Facebook page (or the optin). They can also view a video.

 New graphs for polls :

The look and feel of graphs at the end of polls have been improved and new features have been added.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further info.


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