Father’s Day: An original personality test campaign


Include a variety of questions

You can vary your question types from campaign to campaign or from question to question. Varying the formats provides novelty, variety and a ‘gamification’ aspect. Some of them are especially effective for your mobile participants, such as ‘answer in the button’ or ‘click on image’ question’s type.

Using different media makes it possible to promote your content in a different context. For instance, using a blurred image of your product, service or company, with participants having to spot a specific characteristic or find elements in a video are two very different ways of promoting content.

Don’t forget that there’s an option for displaying all your questions on a single page.

Only collect data you actually need

This may seem obvious, but don’t ask participants for their zip code if you’re not going to use this information.

The effective integration of this data into your CRM is essential if you want to be able to reuse it.

Why connect Qualifio to your SSO or CRM?

Don’t forget to create or reuse your personalised CRM variables in order to maintain coherence between your different campaigns. For more details, see the Qualifio FAQ on this subject:

How to create a CRM custom variable?

Don’t forget that Qualifio has an integrated CRM module allowing you to centralise and store all participant data in your Qualifio campaigns. Qualifio can also easily be linked to your CRM or SSO system.

Connection with your CRM or single sign-on (SSO)

Don’t neglet your exit screen

The exit screen of your campaign may be the most important one. What do you want your participants to do once they’ve completed their entry? Direct them to the website of your partner, to one of your digital channels, to a personalized advice page, to a place where they can download your app?


What is Qualifio?

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