Fashion eCommerce: 6 reasons to integrate interactive marketing in your digital strategy


Do you know what the degree of attention of an average human in the digital age is? Barely nine seconds. This doesn’t give you much time to stand out from the fierce competition. To attract consumers’ attention and communicate with them in meaningful ways, some fashion brands have left aside static content in favour of interactive content and experiences. Why? Here are different reasons:

  1. Consumer engagement.
  2. Sales increase.
  3. Valuable and actionable data collection.
  4. Personalisation.
  5. Brand awareness.
  6. Loyalty.

In this ebook, you’ll discover why brands like LolaLiza, Decathlon, Le Slip Français, GrandVision or Hanes use interactive marketing to succeed in their digital strategy and achieve their goals.

Let’s go!


What is Qualifio?

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