Facebook Instant Articles for all

Launched in 2015, Facebook Instant Articles were described as a new way for publishers to create fast and interactive articles on Facebook. Until now this feature has only been used by major media such as TechCrunch or The Economist. According to The Verge, as from April 12 (the first day of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference), every WordPress user will be able to create articles using this special format.

How does this work?

Facebook has worked with a parent company of WordPress called Automattic to create a plugin to create Instant Articles directly into the CMS .


“WordPress users that use standard WordPress templates will be able to activate the plugin immediately to create Instant Articles, but more customized WordPress blogs may need to extend the plugin to support extra features.”
The Verge

At Qualifio we can’t say we’re not excited by this news as our goal is to strenghten interactions in content marketing. We also think it’s interesting how this Facebook feature follows a similar path as our work at Qualifio: starting from the media industry and expanding step by step to brands and agencies that understand the true value of interactive and rich content.


What is Qualifio?

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