Is the exit screen the most important one?

Is the exit screen the most important one?

Although I’m convinced it is actually one of the most important steps in your campaign, I see a recurrent tendency to neglect the exit screen in online editorial/contests/sweepstakes. Of course, I nearly always see a polite thank you message, with sometimes a social share button. But that’s pretty much it. It’s a shame, because with a little extra effort, it’s easy to get great results. How? Take participants by the hand and show them the way: tell them what they should do next!

The experience your visitors have on your channels does not end with the Exit Screen. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

Qualifio campaigns should be seen as pieces of interactive content to reach your marketing goals. You have to set (1) the activation & acquisition (organic, paid, emailing etc.) (2) in order to attract people on your campaign where they will live a first experience (3) to expose them to a specific message afterwards. You’re going to say – and you’re right – that in a lot of cases, your first marketing goal is literally reached when a participant ends up on this famous exit screen of your campaign. It can be a filled form, an opt-in, 5 page views, or whatever. And then? What will this user do next? Close the tab? Even if your first goal is reached; you’re missing the opportunity to reach more.

What do you want your visitor to do next?

Here are a few suggestions, redirect them to

  • A specific landing page in connection with your campaign’s content;
  • Your website where they’ll be able to fill a sidebar form to receive your upcoming contests by email;
  • Your blog;
  • The download of a specific brochure (think here about the powerful personality tests that will let you send a specific content depending on your participant’s answers);
  • Possibility to organize a meeting (e.g relevant for banks or insurance companies);
  • Another contest/game on your “Qualifio Hub” on your website;
  • Sign in to your Single Sig- On to have access to “VIP” games;
  • Discover a new product/event on your dedicated mini-site;
  • Order a sample;
  • Etc.

Of course, those are very general examples. The game might become a bit more complex: you have to do this work on your own to make it specific and works for you – you’re the only one able to define what should be your participant’s experience on your online channels. In summary, when you create a new campaign always ask yourself: what do I want my participants to do next? Your answer will define your exit screen’s call to action!


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