5 cinema campaigns to inspire you

  • What type of Tarantino fan are you?Quentin Tarantino is one of those cult filmmakers whose every film is an event in itself.His career is impressive, but your readers would probably prefer a fun way of discovering it, in the form of a quiz.Some questions might be harder than others, but this is the opportunity to test out the point-weighting system, a new and highly useful function where more points are assigned to certain questions.With Tarantino, you also get unforgettable soundtracks! What better opportunity for a “Musical Blind Test” quiz?
  • The James Bond’s memory gameFor this 24th film featuring 007, bring some added value to your articles with a “Memory” game. You can also take this opportunity to add a few new cards to the game. For example, you could get the players to match each James Bond with his most popular enemy or his Bond Girl. But the great thing about James Bond is that the possibilities for interactivity are unlimited: you could run a survey (what’s your favourite Bond film?), a personality test (what type of James Bond are you?), a battle between Bond Girls, a checklist (calculate your James Bond fan score), a “Bond cars & gadgets” quiz, etc.
  • The Star Wars quiz with audio answersWithout a doubt, this year’s most highly awaited film is Star Wars. For the past few months, a truly impressive marketing campaign has been deployed.This is an opportunity to take advantage of the saga’s music and sound-scape in order to test out a new function of Qualifio: the placing of sound files (Spotify embed, .mp3 files, etc.) in the answers to your quizzes.But an event like Star Wars obviously offers dozens of campaign possibilities, Such as Blind test, quiz, fancy dress contest, memory game, etc.
  • The Hunger Games sudden death quiz Offer cinema tickets as prizes for this “sudden death” quiz based on the new film in the Hunger Games saga. But watch out: just like in the film, no mistakes are allowed. One incorrect answer and it’s all over.
  • The Paranormal Activity video contest The fifth film in the Paranormal Activity series will be coming to cinemas at the end of the year.To push interactivity to its limits while staying true to the film’s theme, we have developed an ambitious video contest where users have to upload their own horror scene from the film.You can easily create a photo campaign with Qualifio, and you can upload your own pictures with a simple rating system for the various costumes.You can also create a contest for the best costumes by allowing participants to upload their own pictures.


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