Spotted: A selection of Christmas contests

We were amazed by the 3 creative following campaigns created by our users : get inspired for the Holiday season !

Nice Christmas Memory Game By

What do we like ? A nice design for this memory against the clock  : a fun way for this media to trigger interaction with its community while offering an original formats to partners.
Spotted : the timer to make the game more dynamic.

Grand jeu RTL de Noel

An Editorial Advent Calendar By Europe 1

What do we like? The use of the Advent calendar to strengthen the waw effect for the visitor: that way they stimulate the desire to come back to see what’s the next surprise. It should turn visitors into returning ones and increase the number of page views.

Spotted : ? The use of existing programs of the year to be rediscovered by the public is a great idea : the media does not have to put great effort in the campaign while surfing along a New Year common trend.

Santa Claus’sack of Dé

What do we like? The combination of an Advent Calendar and quizzes to highlight partner products that are of interest for the Dé community: a good way to create targeted interactions while offering a nice format to the publishers. Each calendar box has a particular theme which redirects the participants to little quizzes. At the end of each contest she or he will have to enter some personal details: a interesting way for this website to segment its users.

Spotted: The use of the same campaign on different channels : you can participate on their website or on their Facebook page. It requires little effort and can make the difference by multiplying touch points.

Calendrier Avent Deco


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