Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 3 winning strategies

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Okay, so Black Friday is nice to maximise sales and make money. But sometimes, driving people to your website bears a lot more opportunities, which is where Cyber Monday comes in. Besides, it can be of major importance in the long run if you think in terms of retargeting and data collection.

Discover below three ways you can use Black Friday to increase traffic on your website and boost your Cyber Monday sales.

1. Make online and offline work together

The online and offline worlds are complementary. Offer discount coupons to people who enter your store on Black Friday. Those coupons should drive them to your e-shop for Cyber Monday. There are several ways to make this work, and they can be very simple. For example, if you wish to focus your action on people who actually bought something in your store on Black Friday, print codes on the clients’ receipts. Otherwise, you can simply organise an in-store distribution of those codes.

However, it is true that almost every retailer will be using promotions. A coupon alone is not going to get you to stand out from the pack. So why not try incorporating a surprise element such as a quiz or a game?

Another idea would be to create a photo contest in which people have to post a selfie with their purchase, in front of the store, or why not, posing with the mascot. That way, you invite your clients and prospects to create content and take part in your communication. For example, offer a Cyber Monday discount (such as free shipping) to those who bought an item and shared their purchase on social media.

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2. Leverage retargeting

Retargeting is a powerful tool and one that cannot be overlooked if you are to be successful with your Cyber Monday marketing. Create a relevant audience for yourself: track visitors on your website, encourage in-store shoppers to share their information through loyalty programs, qualify your audience with engaging actions such as quizzes on social media… Then (re)target them using personalised offers in order to catch their attention. Those exclusive offers can be related to

  • Their history: “This item you were looking at is on sale!”
  • Their previous purchases: “Complete your set with these great accessories!”
  • Your results of data collection: “You might be interested in this product!”
  • etc.

To go further with your Cyber Monday deals, remember you can also create Facebook Lookalike Audiences based on your current collected profiles.

3. Market with fun

Spending time on your website must be more than just shopping. As people who have more fun are more likely to share, you need to create a truly interactive experience for your visitors. This is where gamification comes is.

Why not imagine a sort of treasure hunt or a riddle to solve? Shoppers get a clue in store and the rest of the game happens online. If they gather both parts, they get access to a special Cyber Monday deal, for example.

Regardless what your strategy will look like, we wish you good luck!


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