Contests in France: Bailiff not mandatory anymore

Since December 20th, contests organizers in France are not obliged to file their set of rules with a bailiff anymore.

It can be viewed as a good news: it will decreases campaign’s costs. But one has to be careful: in certain cases, it might still be useful to do it.

Also, you should not mix up the deposit with the set of rules itself. Drawing up some rules – with our without filing them – and make them available to contest participants is still strongly advised, for it clarifies the rules of the game or contest and may help you in case of dispute.

Consequence of LAW n° 2014-1545 from 20 december 2014 which modifies article L. 121-36 and repeals articles L. 121-36-1 à L. 121-41 which were previously the legal basis for such mandatory rule.


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