Back to the Gif!

banane gifThere was a time when gifs were the web’s superstars, omnipresent on teenage blogs and other simplistically designed websites. Back then, gifs were more than just a trend, but let’s be honest: these little animations were a real pain for epileptics, or indeed anyone with an ounce of good taste.


What exactly is a GIF?

The Graphics Interchange Format, better known by the acronym GIF, is a digital image format commonly used on the web. The GIF’s defining feature is that multiple images can be stored in one file, thereby permitting the creation of slideshows or even animations if the images are displayed at a sufficiently sustained rate. Each image from an animation can have its own colour palette.


With the development of video, Flash and then Edge Animate, Internet users had no reason to mourn the disappearance of these little animated images!

But lo and behold, here in 2015, the era of the oculus rift and augmented reality, the gif is making a comeback and even becoming fashionable. It’s hard to miss the success of sites such as, not to mention Facebook and its recent decision to make this format available in Messenger and in timeline posts. And gifs have, of course, resumed their role of livening up content on blogs and other information sites.

Thankfully, the 2015 gif is not what it was a decade ago. Some are even very creative. Inspired by internet or pop culture, they are often amusing and allow a message to be sent in a more interactive manner.

So, the gif has gone from being the butt of all jokes to an online revolution (with no exaggeration). If used correctly, it can draw the eye, stimulate, make people laugh, etc.

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How to use gifs in your Qualifio campaigns?

It’s very simple: a gif is just an image file so it loads in Qualifio like any other image. There are numerous applications that allow you to create gifs, or ready-made ones can be obtained from (just right-click on a gif and then save it) or from Google Images.

They can also be used in banners, as background images, to illustrate answers or as clues. The advantage of these animated images is that they are animated automatically, are not too heavy as long as they’re well optimised, and display perfectly on all mobile devices!

While writing this article, it occurred to us that the story of the gif is a bit like a scenario from “Back to the Future”. Check out our animated gifs in this campaign:

  • what is your favorite moment in back to the future?


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