7 new features in the Qualifio Manager for 2015

1. New campaign type: Guess-the-word

Guess-the-word is a contest were participants have to find a word by guessing each letter that compose it in a minimum number of clicks. That kind of game is perfect to make participants guess the name of an artist, an athlete, or a product.

In the Qualifio back office, you can enter

  • A single word;
  • A sentence: participants will have to find all its words;
  • A range of words separated by a coma: one of those words will be randomly displayed to participants.

How to launch a ‘Guess-the-word’ campaign in Qualifio? Read our Quick Guide or, if you need a shorter format, view our FAQ.

2. New type of question: memo field with text matching feature

Choose the field type “Memo field with text matching feature” and indicate a word or a series of words as reference.

The answer given by the participant will be compared with your reference text : 1 point ( good answer), 0 point (wrong answer) depending on the matching level you have defined in the back office (from 0% to 100%).

If your question is “what’s the capital of France?” and “Paris” is indicated as your reference text, a point will be attributed to each participant who writes this answer.

Wish to know more? Check our FAQ

3. User Generated Contests (Photo, Video, Writing): flat gallery

This new format of gallery has been redesigned to be more ergonomic, lighter and more sober.

  • Perfectly adapted to mobile devices;
  • You can match colors of the navigation with the design of buttons set at the “Look and feel” step of your campaign;
  • Reposition of some elements: social media buttons, display of vote numbers, etc.
  • Modification of the ‘mouse-over’ effect on the gallery thumbnails for more dynamism;
  • The voting for a photo is done by clicking on the heart;
  • The option of direct voting without validation can be activated when the participant can vote for one photo only.

4. User Generated Contests (Photo, Video, Writing): email notification for moderation

It is now possible in UGC contests to inform a participant via email that the picture they submitted has been reviewed and integrated (or not) in the gallery. The text of the first email you create will be suggested by default when you draft the next answer(s) but can of course be modified.

This can be done in the reporting module. An email icon is displayed next to the image after moderation. Once you click on the icon, a window will pop up where you can define the settings and send an email.

5. Alerts tab

We have listed a bunch of usual errors or missing elements in the creation of campaigns and an alerts tab is now available in the tag/hyperlink share screen you find on the Campaigns page.

These alerts will never block a campaign but will raise your attention on potential issues, broken down in 4 levels indicated by colored bullet points next to each alert:

  • Red = can be problematic;
  • Orange = may create some issues but will not prevent the campaign to work;
  • Yellow = low alert level;
  • Green = just an indication, kind of a reminder.

6. Automatic redirection at the end of the game

The functionality enables you to automatically redirect  the participant once they have played on your campaign: another contest, a sponsor website, your homepage, a specific section of your website, etc.

Practically, you will find the automatic redirection feature in the “Exit” step of your campaign where different options can be activated (blank, self, top).

Wish to know more? Check out our FAQ

7. New Javascript tag

We have already talked about it in another article but we feel it is useful to remind you the existence of this functionality in the Qualifio Manager since it has many advantages in terms of integration.


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