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7 awesome football interactive marketing campaigns to collect leads and segment clients

It’s FIFA World Cup 2018 time!

The millions of people watching, streaming, searching, Facebooking, and tweeting make clear the impact of the World Cup. Given the global focus of this sporting event, many brands and media companies will attempt to capture the attention of those following along.

With the finals draw just a couple of days away, it’s time to start thinking of the campaigns you could launch around the event in order to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract and retain consumers. So, in order to give you some inspiration, we thought we would put together the most engaging football interactive marketing examples, that you can create in a couple of clicks using the Qualifio platform.

Ready to be inspired? Let’s get going!

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1. Photo contest / Supporter of the week

Photo contest - Supporter of the week | Qualifio

Create a photo contest that invites people to upload their best supporter moment in picture. Publish the photo gallery on your website, your Facebook Page, or even a dedicated minisite. You can then invite your audience to vote for the best supporter of the week.

Why we like it: This type of recurrent campaign is ideal to retain your participants. Each week you can publish a new contest and make participants come back on your channels regularly throughout the competition.

2. Swiper Quiz / How much do you know about the World Cup?

Engage your audiences by testing their knowledge on the World Cup through a Tinder-style campaign! This format is fun, innovative, and ideal for mobile devices. Are they real fans? Here are some ideas to find out: Can you find the players who were on the field for the German team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup final? Can you guess by a celebratory picture who was the winning team of the FIFA World Cup? Pick the countries that have qualified to the World Cup. Did the following countries ever host the World Cup?

Looking for something similar? Our Swiper format isn’t limited to quizzes; it’s available for three campaign types! You can also create a Tinder-like personality test (e.g. which type of supporter are you?) or a poll (e.g. let people compose their national team for the World Cup).

3. Poll / Who’s the man of the match?

Who was the most outstanding player? With this type of poll, you can let your audience vote and have their say during and/or after the match!

RSCA Football Club - Allianz Man of the Match | Qualifio

Take for instance this campaign by the Belgian football club RSCA, for which they partnered with their sponsor, German financial services company Allianz. Once their vote was validated, participants could see the most popular players and win a meet and greet with the players or tickets for a game.

Need an alternative? Offer your audience the opportunity to rate the performance of each player after the match on scale.

4. Prediction / What will be the final score of the game?

Participants predict the final score of one or more game(s). They can then share their prediction with their friends on social media. You select the winner(s) afterwards based on the actual result of the game.

Make your personal prediction with Qualifio

Why we like it: This kind of campaign has a high potential for virality, because it drives interaction with your audience, but even more between participants. The engaging power of this format happens in two phases: first when your participants make their guess, then when the real score is revealed (“I knew it!”).

5. Ranking / Best football coaches

Participants rank the football managers in order of preference through a drag and drop ranking module. You can create as many elements as you want, and choose exactly how many (or a minimum and maximum number of) propositions users will have to rank in order to validate their participation.

Ranking of best football coaches | Qualifio

Need an alternative? You can also add multimedia elements such as videos or audio files to illustrate each element. Rank players, goals, jerseys, flags, hymns and more!v

6. Survey / What would be the ideal group?

This one is perfect for a last minute poll before the finals draw on December 1st! Invite people to compose their perfect groups for the World Cup by choosing one team from each pot. When they validated their vote, they get a recap of their selection and a view of the global most popular choices.

Why we like it: This is a good way to capitalize on hot news, generate traffic and maybe discover who in your audience is interested in football with accurate retargeting pixels (Facebook, display ads, etc.)

7. Coming soon: the Twitter Live Ranking

This upcoming format allows you to monitor all conversations around specific accounts or hashtags on Twitter. In this case, you can for example follow what’s happening in the Twitterverse around your favourite team, player, or match.

Twitter Live Ranking | Qualifio

The good news: The Twitter Live Ranking format is already available on demand! Contact us for more information.


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