5 tips for improving the design of your campaigns


Creating a pretty Qualifio campaign isn’t difficult, but there are a few tips that can help creating campaigns that really stands out graphically. You have to get participants excited about playing, while also ensuring that the action is readable and understandable. Here are a few tips for improving the appearance of your campaigns in Qualifio :


1. Position your game zone :

By default, the game zone is centred on the screen. But did you know that the position of this game zone is fully customisable? You can shift it from left to right and from top to bottom.


This option can be accessed from the “Appearance” step, “Game zone” tab, “Advanced positioning”.

N.B.: When the contest is displayed on a mobile device, the game zone will automatically take up 100% of the screen width, with the background disappearing and being replaced by the banner.

2. Choose a good background image and use it well :

It is important to properly choose and use background images for your campaigns. The content must always be readable. You have several possible options :

If you have a highly visual background image and the content of the contest is drowning in this image:

you can add some colour to your game zone and adjust its opacity so that you don’t hide the background image completely, but still ensure good readability.

If you don’t have a lot of graphic material, just a logo and the prizes to be won :

A good background texture will help bring the content of your contest to the fore and highlight your brand and prizes. When it’s effective and easy to understand, players will know what the brand is, what they can win and how to participate.

3. Add your own fonts :

Don’t forget that to customise your contest as much as possible and comply with your graphic charter or the one of your customer, it’s essential to use custom fonts. As well as being able to change the colours for the different elements of your contest, you can also upload your own fonts or search for others on Google Font. See the guide here.

4. Pimp the “Call to Action” buttons :

The main rule here is to ensure you have readable buttons and to avoid making them too small. You need to imagine yourself in the player’s shoes and understand their behaviour when faced with your campaign. There shouldn’t be any hesitation or doubt. If you create a “Call to Action” button of a significant size by increasing the font size, you’ll improve understanding and guide the player in optimum fashion.

If you’re interested in creating your own call to actions, please visit our FAQ

5. Highlight your prizes :

Don’t underestimate how important prizes are in getting people to participate. Avoid hiding your prizes in a small button. Bring them to the fore! Your home screen is undoubtedly the most important screen for your contest, as ot will entice participants to play. Do you have a new video game as your prize? Show the game cover on your home screen, insert the game trailer from YouTube, and finish with a huge “Call to Action” button… and off you go!


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