10 tips for activating your campaign on Facebook

Activate your campaign on Facebook

Update: We wrote a new post about how to improve the visibility of your campaigns on Facebook in June 2017.

How can you boost participations to your campaign on Facebook?

You want to publish a contest on your Facebook page. How can you generate traffic and bring in participants? Here are ten simple tips for activating your campaign on Facebook:

1. Post regularly to your Facebook page

Regularly announce the campaign on your page, using the smart URL from Qualifio (otherwise, the Facebook app will not be usable in mobile environments). These will appear in your fans news feeds, or at least in the timelines of your most fervent fans.

2. Carefully choose the times you post

Check at what time your reach is greatest, and schedule your posts for those times. This will increase the impact of the posts referred to above.

3. Describe the prizes in detail

Prizes are one of the main factors that attract people to your campaign, so describe them as thoroughly as possible in your posts. Specify the brand, the value, etc. In other words, provide concrete details in order to attract participants.

4. Announce the winners on your page

Insofar as possible, try to build up your competition in waves (for example, one winner each day of the week), and announce each winner on your page. This will enhance the perception that your competition is serious as well as the feeling that “I can win too”!

5. Include deadlines in your posts

Use the time factor to encourage participation: “Just x days/hours left” or “Our competition will end on XX/XX”. Reminding users of the deadline like this will help prevent them from procrastinating.

6. Use images in your posts

Images systematically increase the user’s level of engagement with your posts and the same goes for posts about your campaigns. So replace the image generated by the link with an image of your competition and/or prizes. To do this, post an image illustrating your competition (e.g. showing the prizes) and insert the description and the link (smart URL) in the photo’s caption.

7. Create Facebook Ads

Your posts are limited to your fans. However, Facebook Ads are a simple way to increase the number of impressions for your posts, even among non-fans. The advantage is that this method is accessible to everyone, since the targeting criteria are simple to use, and you can also define a maximum budget. This method has been shown to be effective, even if you spend just a few euros. And don’t forget Facebook’s Custom Audiences function, which enables you to send different messages to your members or to your newsletter contact list.

8. Reward sharing

When it comes to going viral, word-of-mouth also works on Facebook, so offer your fans the chance to earn bonuses (e.g. extra chances to win draws) if they promote the competition on their Timeline (these are basic functions available in Qualifio). This is an easy way to increase the number of participants in your competition.

9. Use a participative competition (photo, video, writing)

Participative competitions (also called UGC, as in User Generated Content) have a big advantage: participants post their photo, video or text, and then they ask their network of friends to come vote for their entry. It’s sure to go viral!

10. Use all your activation channels

And of course, when promoting your campaign, don’t forget to use all of your non-Facebook channels: your newsletter, print media, POS communication, product communication, etc.




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