This last month brought in a whole new round of campaigns that we really liked. Check out some of our favourite campaigns below — and let us know which one is your favourite by casting a vote in our poll. Let’s see the 4 campaigns that caught our attention this month.

1. Nestlé’s Memory

Win elke dag toegangstickets

For their brand Nesquik, Nestlé called on the Studio Qualifio to create a fun, branded memory. In this card game, all of the cards are laid face down and the object is to turn over pairs of matching cards. Participants try to win passes for the Belgian theme park Bellewaerde. A winner is selected at random each day —and the contest runs until the end of April.

Another interesting thing is the kind of participation limitations that Nestlé selected: players can only try their luck once per day. Then, they are not allowed to play until the next day… which encourages them to come back on Nesquik’s channels and try again the following day (after midnight).

Nestlé Belgium went for a bilingual campaign, which is available in both French and Flemish. In addition, the game was published on multiple channels, namely Nesquik’s website and Facebook page. Last but not least, the identification form is displayed before the game, so the company makes sure they collect data on all participants.

2. eDreams’ personality test

Voyage au bout du monde

This dreamy personality test was made by the online travel agency eDreams and sponsored by Malaysia Airlines. Participants could win two flights to the destination of their choice in Asia.

The contest ran for a whole week on Go Voyages’ (part of eDreams) Facebook page. There was also an opt-ins collection aspect, as players could subscribe to Go Voyages’ newsletter when filling the form that validated their participation.

3. SFR Freestyle Tour’s poll

SFR Freestyle Tour

The SFR Freestyle Tour is a major freestyle ski competitions in Europe. Around this and for their first Qualifio campaign, they (via the agency O Consulting) decided to organize a poll in which people could vote for the best ski tricks. Each of the proposed answers was illustrated by an embed video from YouTube, so SFR could at the same time increase the number of views on some of their videos.

The contest was published on the SFR Freestyle Tour Facebook page. Two interesting elements that SFR chose to use is the Facebook Soft Gate (a pop-up window to generate new fans) and the Facebook Connect (the social network’s own single sign-on), which allowed voters to participate and log in with their Facebook account.

4. AG Insurance’s quiz

4. Fiets quiz

Like Nestlé, AG Insurance went for a bilingual campaign. But for the rest, it is a completely different strategy and reflection from the three above: it is pure content marketing. It is an anonymous quiz whose sole purpose seems to be to test the audience’s knowledge and to teach them about cycling. There is nothing to win, but participants can learn things and discover their score in the exit screen. At the end of the quiz, they can also choose to subscribe to AG Insurance’s newsletter.

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